PWA Native Wrapper

Web Applications as Native Apps for mobiles & tablets

Build inexpensive & lightweight mobile apps

Repackage your responsive web application as a mobile app with device level app-only functions like Camera, GPS & Push-notifications

Uncompromisigly Functional

Increase conversion rates, number of users and usability of your web apps on mobile devices

Release apps faster on all platforms

  • Lightweight native wrapper
  • Quick go-to-market

Cross Platform Accessibility

  • Simultaneous deployment
  • App store (iOS)
  • Play store (Android)

Device API integrations

  • Mobile camera
  • Geo location
  • Push Notifications

All the components in the SELISE Digital Platform can work together to deliver the digitalization you need

SELISE Page Builder

E-commerce business sites created with SELISE Page Builder can be wrapped into a native APP for greater user exer experience and app-specific functionality

SELISE Campaign

Businesses can communicate important/urgent messages via email or SMS using SELISE Campaign

SELISE e-Signature

Engage at scale using SELISE signature, to prepare and send documents for signature and get instant visibility into document status

Let's Grow together 

The PWA Native Wrapper from SELISE brings functionality and usability to new heights for your web apps

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